martedì 23 marzo 2010


Questo post è dedicato ad una stilista che ho sempre ammirato, per stile, carattere, originalità e molto altro: Vivienne Westwood. 
Ed ecco qui alcuni dei suoi capolavori :)
This post is dedicated to a stylist that i've always admired, for style, temperament, originality and much more: Vivienne Westwood.
Here there are some of its creations :)

“The safety pin in the lip of the Queen was saying: you too can be punk.” Punk was very DIY oriented and Westwood and McLaren promoted the idea of making your own clothes – buying shirts and ripping them up, making them out of several large squares… An ideology Vivienne Westwood still promotes after all these year.

Qui invece ci sono delle immagini della collezione primavera 2010!
Here you have some pictures of spring collection 2010!

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